Trigirl August 2012 (back when there was a sprint & super sprint) was my first tri ever. I thought it was so hard, walked a good chunk of the run, and through the entire race, was confused why this "non-athlete" thought doing triathlons was a good idea. Well, 4 years later, countless races, 7 half irons, and now training for my first full, I have loyalties to this race!! This race is always so well organized and so much fun. It is a great taste for new triathletes and a challenge each year to improve for seasoned athletes. Thanks Jana Miller Landry and Carrie Godfrey!!!!!
​Morgan F.

My first time doing a triathlon, May 12, 2013!!! I was only an underwater swimmer and needed to learn how to freestyle. So, I got a swim coach less than 30 days before the TriGirl Supersprint. Mrs. Berry was so patient and kind. Diane Stillwagon Jensen offered OWS introductory in Crosby and is the reason I got a helmet (Thank you)!!!! I met Mary Winkle there, she and I learned how to site. The TriGirl volunteers were amazing and I enjoyed it so much. Triathlons taught me "gyms" could be many things and are what we make them. I still can't believe I am a triathlete, though still a novice. I love this sport and community, they are eager to help you, supportive, encouraging and genuine. I am so grateful for this lesson in facing fears (OWS) venturing out and trying new things which is the greatest lesson I have learned from tri-ing...‪#‎thatblueshirtmeansALOTtome‬

Cee M.

So Morgan's post inspired me - thinking we could share our stories on how TriGirl made a difference in our lives and helped us. To show Jana and Carrie how much their efforts have touched so many lives. so here's my TriGirl story: I was never athletic, at all. Last picked in gym, weighed 200 lbs my freshman year (at 5'2'). Fought my weight in so many ways, weight watchers, exercise, severe dieting, giving up, trying again. etc. I started running marathons at age 40, but still wasn't getting that much from it. Then Ceseilia encourage me to get into triathlon. Although I was a good swimmer, loved my bike as a kid so knew I could get that back, and had been a runner, it intimidated the hell out of me (yes to those of you who know me, I CAN be intimidated). Then I heard about TriGirl -no guys, all women, everyone finishes, very supportive. I though "ok I can do that" It still took me a year after buying my first bike to register but I did. It was 2011 and I was freaked out race morning. But the atmosphere was so welcoming, no negativity, all positive, all "you can do this". The guys I knew were there and so nice - staying on the sidelines and cheering us on. I made it through and finished. I was so happy!! I had already taken a chance and registered for a few other races just in case - I did those, then that fall my first olympic. Then a year after TriGirl my first 70.3. Then registered for my first full. I've gone back to TriGirl several times - racing and volunteering. It's home, its the place I get my mojo back. Where I can test myself and know if I fall there will be nothing but love to pick me up and encourage me forward. Or if I'm a volunteer to enjoy watching other women achieve that goal for the first time. This year was a first for me - I podiumed at a triathlon. And I'm so glad it was TriGirl. That makes it special. I'm now training for my 3rd Ironman. And I have Jana and Carrie to thank for giving me and so many others the opportunity to toe the line and dare to believe we can.
​Michelle E.

Our whole family loves this race! My husband and son volunteered while my Mom cheered on me and my 3 daughters racing. Such a wonderful event. I can't think of a better way to start Mother's day!
​Keri O.

Wonderful weather for a super race! Thank you guys for such a spectacular event! Can't wait until next year. 
​Sarah K.
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Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I missed last year (I was 38 weeks pregnant) but made a comeback this year and had a fantastic time!
​Lisa O.

Enjoyed my first tri today! Thanks TriGirl for setting up an awesome race.​
​Becky M.

Jana Miller Landry and Carrie Godfrey!!! Thanks, once again, for putting on an amazing race! We had a great time. You guys are awesome!!! See you at Island Girl!!​
​Lauri K.

Our first super sprint triathlon. Thanks to all the volunteers for making this a great one.
Michelle H.