• Is there a cut off time?  No...we will wait for every participant to finish.
  • ​Are there special rules I need to follow?   Click Here   USAT RULES  
  • Do I need a special kind of bike? No...our races are very beginner friendly although no recumbent bikes are allowed per USAT regulations.
  • What do I wear?  The majority of participants wear tri shorts and a tri top, but anything is acceptable.
  • What happens if I lose my timing chip?  Please notify a volunteer immediately.  Participants are responsible for paying for lost chips.
  • Are there many beginners that do this race?  Yes...this is a very beginner friendly race.
  • What time should I get there before the race?  We suggest that you arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 to give yourself plenty of time to pick up your chip, set up transition and any other last minute items.
  • Can I sign up at packet pick up?  We usually have room for everyone to sign up but you might want to call before you come.
  • Can I pick up my packet on race morning?  No...everyone must pick up their packets before race morning.  
  • Can I change my shirt size at packet pick up?  We need to give you the shirt size you request when you register.  If you would like to exchange the morning of and we have extra shirts we will have those available.
  • What do I do if I can't finish the race?  Please find a volunteer or race personnel and let them know immediately that you are dropping out.
  • What is USAT and why do I have to be a member?  USA Triathlon is the sanctioning authority for more than 2,000 diverse events, ranging from grassroots to high-profile races nationwide. The organization works to create interest and participation in a variety of programs, including camps, clinics, races and educational opportunities.  Every participant in triathlon is required to have a membership.
  • How much does it cost?  You can become a member for a year for $45.  You can sign up at or at packet pick up.  You can also buy a one day membership for $12 at packet pick up only.  These fees are not included in  your race registration fee.  Please go to and download the form.  Bring this filled out to packet pick up to save time.
  • What are the youth race distances? The youth race distances are the same as the adult race distances.  We just offer our youths a discount in registration fees.
  • How old does my child have to be to participate? All children swimming must be at least 9 years old.  Girls can be younger if they are biking or running in the duathlon or triathlon relay.
  • Do I need to practice in open water before racing?  I have done all my swimming in a pool.  Open water swim practice is essential.  Pool swimming and open water swimming are very different.  By practicing in open water before the race you will be much better prepared for the conditions.  Johnny's Powerhouse offers many open water swim practices and you can find them on Facebook.
  • Can I use a recumbent bicycle?  No.  USAT does not allow recumbent bikes.
  • Can men or boys participate?  No.  These races are women only.



Refund Policy: NO refunds or transfers for races.  The race directors shall make a decision concerning the safety of the participants in the event any portion of the race or the entire race need to be cancelled for weather or any reason out of their control.